About the Chef


Mio Kojima, owner and chef of “llacaste”

“The next morning, I hope you wake up and feel that you want to eat my cooking again.”

Mio Kojima worked at restaurants in Tokyo such as Ishimarukan. At the Windsor Hotel Toya, he was in charge of cooking at the Toyako Summit.
He worked in the hot and cold section of La Table de Joël Robuchon. He spent two years studying confectionery at Il Pleut Sur La Sine.
In 2014, he won bronze medals in both the meat dish and dessert categories at the FHA Culinary Challenge, a global culinary competition held in Singapore. After working at an organic bistro, he became independent.
He opened game meat restaurant “Momijidori” and the casual restaurant “Green Kitchen” based on French cuisine that incorporates fermentation and spices into the essence. After that he opened his own restaurant “llacaste”