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A Retreat, Reset & Reimagined

“llacaste” is a French restaurant where vegetables, herbs and seafood create a delicate harmony. This is a detached house restaurant that is limited to one group per day, standing in the back alley of Tsukiji Hongwanji. The reason why we are limited to one group per day is that I hope you will forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the flow of time in a private space. And by preparing and using up the ingredients for the number of people in the reservation, I will cherish the ingredients without wasting them.



I feel that Japanese cuisine is similar to traditional handmade French cuisine that uses seasonal vegetables and seafood. By exploring outside the traditional framework of French cuisine and using the power of expression, I aim to create each and every dish with a deep flavor that brings out the blessings of the plateaus, seas and rivers nurtured by nature. Behind each dish is a story of solid cooking technique, many years of experience in the kitchen, connections with trusted producers and market connoisseurs, and the sea and the fields. I consider the individuality of each ingredient and express my deep understanding of it through my cuisine. I aim to meet the expectations of my customers by continuing to faithfully follow my personal style of cooking each and every time.

Consideration for the environment and passion for ingredients

As a person with a passion for food but faced with the challenges of depleting natural resources, I looked back on the origins of Japanese food and decided to use domestic vegetables and seafood as the main ingredients. Being meat-free and dairy free should not be considered a restriction for good food. I feel that my cooking style is not only health but also sustainable, and I would be very happy if you could relax and enjoy yourselves through fun and laughter while enjoying delicious dishes that do not burden the environment and the body.